Spring Framework in .NET

by Santhakumar Munuswamy

  Posted on  26 April 2015



Spring.Net is an open source platform and as well as web application framework to develop the enterprise .Net application. It is used to develop component based application with a help of proven design pattern and as well as architecture. It is help of reduce software complexity on module driven development (component-oriented development) when developing the class library to make best practices. It is also support test driven development and its increase the application quality and as well as performance.

It is a similar design approach for the java version on Spring Framework and it is already proven a feature of real world scenarios and developed lot of enterprise application in industry. It is possible to develop application as loosely coupled and

The spring framework is available lot of features as following

  • Spring.Core
  • Spring.Aop
  • Spring.Data
  • Spring.Data.NHibernate
  • Spring.Messaging
  • Spring.Web
  • Spring.Web.MVC
  • Spring.Web.Extension
  • Spring.Services
  • Spring.Testing.Nunit
  • Spring.Scheduling.Quartz

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