Evolution of C#

by Santhakumar Munuswamy

  Posted on  01 January 2015




This article explaining about evolution of C# 


The Microsoft was released the first version of C# 1.0 bundle with .NET Framework 1.0 in Visual Studio.NET 2002 at January 2002. C# was introduced programming language to develop .NET Application and it’s supported managed code initially.

The Microsoft was released the second version of C# 2.0 bundle with .NET Framework 2.0 in Visual Studio.NET 2005 at November 2005. This version introduced couple of features like Generics, Nullable type, Partial type and Anonymonus methods.

The Microsoft was released the third version of C# 3.0 bundle with .NET Framework 3.0 in Visual Studio.NET 2008 at November 2007. This version introduced many features like implicitly typed local variables, Object Initializers, Lambda expressions, Extension methods, Query expressions (LINQ), Expression trees and Automatic properties.

The Microsoft was released version of C # 4.0 bundles with .NET Framework 4.0 in Visual Studio.NET 2010 at April 2010. This version introduced couple of features like Dynamic binding, Optional parameters, Named arguments and more COM interoperability

The Microsoft was released version of C # 5.0 bundles with .NET Framework 5.0 in Visual Studio.NET 2012 at August 2012. This version introduced few features Asynchronus and Caller information.

C# Evolution Table





C# 6.0

·         List of new feature coming soon


C# 5.0

·         Asynchronus function (Async & Await)

·         Caller Information         


C# 4.0

·         Dynamic binding

·         Optional parameters

·         Named arguments

·         Fine-tuned COM interoperability


C# 3.0

·         Implicitly typed local variables

·         Object Initializers

·         Lambda expressions

·         Extension methods

·         Query expressions (LINQ)

·         Expression trees

·         Automatic properties


C# 2.0

·         Generics

·         Nullable type

·         Partial type

·         Anonymonus Methods


C# 1.0

·         Baselined version introduced by Microsoft



This post will help to know new features and respective version in visual studio.


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