Getting Started with Unity HoloLens

by Santhakumar Munuswamy

  Posted on  30 June 2016



In this article we will discuss how we can the Unity HoloLens, development tool installation step by step guidelines and so on. As you all know the unity for developing 2D, 3D game application and its providing separate component as Unity HoloLens to support 2D, 3D, animation and so on. We will discuss step-by-step installation guidelines.


It is a easy and faster way to building a holographic app for HoloLens is with Unity. It’s standard unity game objects will work immediately for holographic apps and supports for windows holographic features such a gesture, voice input is achieved using API that are already build into Unity.  The following are other Unity API supports

1. Camera
2. Gaze
3. Gestures
4. Voice Input
5. World anchor
6. Persistence
7. Spatial sound
8. Spatial mapping

Unity HoloLens Software Installation Steps

Double Click “UnitySetup64” and then click Run button
The Unity HoloLens 5.4.0b22-HTP (64-bit) Setup window will be open, then Click Next button


The License Agreement window will be opened and click I Agree button. 


You can select the components you want to install into your system and Click Next button 


You can choose the install location and click Install button 


Now, Lets started to installing Unity HoloLens 


After Successfully installation of the Unity HoloLens software component and then Click Finish button. 


Unity HoloLens Metro Support

Double Click “UnitySetup-Metro-Support-for-Editor-5.4.0b22-HTP” and then click Run button  
The Unity HoloLens 5.4.0b22-HTP Metro Support (64-bit) Setup window will be open, then Click Next button 


The License Agreement window will be opened and click I Agree button. 


You can choose the install location and click Install button 


Now, Lets started to installing Unity HoloLens Metro Support 


After Successfully installation of the Unity HoloLens Metro support software component and then Click Finish button. 




I hope you understood the Unity HoloLens and installation steps. I have covered all the required things. 
If you find anything that I missed in this article, please let me know. Please share your valuable feedback or 


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